that lead to Sales

Volkart May is a Professional Contact Center Specializing in the Health Care and Business-to-Business Markets.

Teleservices are the basis of our business model. We believe that actual conversations…two people on the phone at the same time…have a special power to more fully engage your prospects and customers. And that your sales team’s time is better spent making a sale than finding one.

Volkart May can strengthen your marketing and sales programs by identifying your best new prospects, acquainting them with your products or services, obtaining information about those organizations’ buying cycles and key influencers…even setting up phone or face-to-face appointments with your sales team. All by having professional, exploratory phone conversations with those prospects. We make sure that your sales funnel is consistently full and that voice of customer input helps drive your b2b lead generation programs.


...where to focus your marketing efforts in order to get the best payback? Need to test a new service with your potential customers? Not sure how to qualify leads? Volkart May is here to help you grow your business.

Our Services

Lead Generation

Uncover specific information about your prospects to help target your sales and marketing efforts. Generate interest in follow up from your reps where there are qualified opportunities.

Inquiry Qualification

Qualify web inquiries and other leads from marketing programs so that only qualified opportunities go to sales.

Inside Sales

Access to insides sales professionals that can generate interest in your product or service and close the sale via phone and web-based tools.

Customer Care

Retain and grow your current customer base by having a professional and helpful team available to them.