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We ask the right
questions, and answer
with a lead guarantee
in medical technology

Our professional cold callers know how to get decision-makers on the phone—and ask the right questions to qualify them for your sales team.

Start a project and see how we:

  • Rank leads from “appointment scheduled” to “send info” to “follow up in 6 months”
  • Deliver valuable insights for medtech products
  • Drive sales growth

Start now and we’ll generate at least 10 qualified leads in the first 60 days of your campaign.

Get 10 guaranteed leads in 60 days

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We connect medtech companies with healthcare buyers

You know how challenging it can be to connect with busy decision-makers at hospitals, clinics, labs, pharmacies and other medical facilities.

Outbound calling delivers immediate, tangible results, with a highly competitive ROI. We keep your healthcare sales pipeline flowing and your high-powered salespeople productive.

When you’re ready to reach more healthcare decision-makers, let’s talk!

Anika M. Temperante
Director of Sales and Marketing
Email: [email protected]
Direct: 612-757-0797

Volkart May is a woman-owned, people-focused contact center that specializes in helping companies connect with conversation. From generating leads to driving sales to uncovering breakthrough insights, we believe there’s still nothing more powerful, engaging and valuable than one-to-one human conversation.

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Anika M. Temperante
Director of Sales and Marketing
Email: [email protected]
Direct: 612.757.0797

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