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Marketing to the healthcare industry presents unique challenges. Adding a professional contact center to your digital and other marketing tools gives you the power to:

  • Generate qualified leads at hospitals and clinics
  • Deliver valuable insights for medtech products
  • Drive sales growth

When you’re ready to reach more healthcare decision-makers, let’s talk!

Photo of Cathy Schmid

Cathy Schmid
EVP of Sales & Client Services/Partner
Email: [email protected]
Direct: 763.450.4909

Volkart May is a woman-owned, people-focused contact center that specializes in helping medical technology and B2B companies connect with conversation. From generating leads to driving sales to uncovering breakthrough insights, we believe there’s still nothing more powerful, engaging and valuable than one-to-one human conversation.

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Photo of Cathy Schmid

Cathy Schmid
EVP Sales and Client Services / Partner
Direct: 763-450-4909

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