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Best Practices for Business to Business Services & Lead Generation

• The Real Impact of Business-to-Business Data Accuracy

Have you ever received a business mailing in which your name was spelled incorrectly? Or where the company name or address was incorrect? Worse yet, were you ever forwarded office mail for a person who’s been gone for four years? Bad for business? You bet!

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• Turning Marketing Inquiries into Sales Opportunities

Most “leads” generated by marketing are typically not highly regarded by salespeople and rarely receive follow-up. Most salespeople perceive that marketing inquiries are not qualified (which can be true!). The problem is that, although some leads are immediately qualified (normally 20-30%) and could eventually turn into sales, you just don’t know which ones are the “gold.” Although some inquiries represent potential short-term opportunities as “low-hanging fruit,” most of them are longer-term prospects. Yet salespeople mainly focus on the short-term opportunities to meet monthly/quarterly sales quotas and earn fast commissions. If leads are passed to sales that are longer-term opportunities, they will probably be neglected and, worse yet, lost to competitors.

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• Five Secrets to Generating Appointments with Senior Executives

We’ve all heard the phrase “nothing happens until someone sells something.” In the world of sales, and particularly in the complex business-to-business (B2B) sales environment, nothing can be sold until the “appropriate” sales appointment is set with the correct executive level decision-maker.

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