Lead Generation

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leadsNow! – B2B lead generation is key to steady business growth
A live phone call as part of your B2B lead generation strategy helps you identify appropriate decision makers quickly, gather information regarding challenges and needs, and understand where qualified opportunities exist.

Volkart May’s team of experienced Business Development Specialists can have these phone conversations for you. We efficiently contact your target market to identify and score sales leads. And we’ll let you know which decision makers have an active need and are open to a follow up from your sales team.

A phone call often uncovers key information about a prospect that wouldn’t be discovered otherwise. Once they’re on the phone, prospects often share information about upcoming projects and buying patterns to help you prioritize resources and increase sales force efficiency.

Lead Generation Service Example Applications:

  • Conduct outreach in a new or underserved market segment, profile prospects to understand current situations and needs, and identify near-term projects along with pipeline opportunities.
  • Contact prospects in a targeted database and generate leads that are open to follow up from distributers as part of a co-op funded initiative with the manufacturer.
  • Follow up on leads that have gone cold to see if they are still interested and open to re-connecting with a representative or if they are not, confirm why.