Inbound Call Center

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The phone is still a preferred method to get questions answered and issues resolved

It’s important to invest in the experience your customers and prospects have when they have a question or need an issue resolved. Make sure you have a toll free phone number available on your website and other materials and a knowledgeable, professional inbound call center team in place to answer calls in a timely fashion without all the IVR prompts that just lead to frustration.

Volkart May has a team of seasoned customer care professionals that can answer questions, resolve issues and warm transfer certain call types to appropriate professionals such as nurses, genetic counselors or sales representatives.

Inbound Call Center Service Example Applications:

  • Answer questions about products and services, resolve issues, concerns and complaints, and provide technical support.
  • Overflow support during peak times or for certain call types.
  • Promptly respond to and qualify inbound phone and web inquiries.
  • Serve as a central hub ensuring that customers and prospects are transferred to the appropriate people and location quickly.
  • Track and report on the performance of specific marketing programs and lead sources.