Volkart May Turns 23 and Continues to Offer the Best in B2B Lead Generation Talent


Recruited for their sales and marketing backgrounds, Volkart May’s call teams are experts at generating interest in clients’ products and services

Volkart May is proud of the B2B lead generation talent they offer clients. Started in May of 1990, Volkart May grew out of the executive staffing industry so it’s no surprise that the company has connections to business savvy individuals. These professionals with sales and marketing backgrounds lay the foundation for the B2B lead generation firm’s number one competitive advantage; higher-level call teams capable of having peer-to-peer conversations with clients’ customers and prospects.

“Volkart May was founded on the principal that people make all the difference,” says Bruce Volkart, Founder and Managing Partner of Volkart May. “The people we hire represent our clients’ brands as if they were their own and the service we provide offers a live human touch that is harder and harder to find in today’s age of marketing automation.”

Based in the Minneapolis metropolitan area, Volkart May attracts professionals with a variety of business skills that have been developed through solid work experiences. Volkart May callers have worked at Fortune 500 companies, owned their own businesses and in many cases have not only bachelor’s degrees, but also master’s. The opportunity to call on behalf of a strong client base, learn about different businesses and hone their communications skills are some of the reasons Volkart May callers love where they work.

“Clients often come to us because they have trouble finding good prospectors or because they don’t want to manage this front-end step of the sales cycle in house,” says Chris Temperante, CEO and Managing Partner of Volkart May. “Sales prospecting is vital for business growth, but it is not easy to find people who are good at it, it is not easy to retain them, and it is not easy to structure their time so that they can prospect consistently. We’ve built a business around taking care of top of the funnel initiatives for companies dedicated to growing their bottom line and keeping a live, brand-enhancing human touch in their marketing mix.”