Volkart May Turned 25 this Year and Added Two New Partners

VolkartMay_logo_center_rgbBruce Volkart, Founder and Managing Partner for the Minneapolis-based prospecting firm started the company 25 years ago with the idea to combine executive staffing agency experience with businesses looking to generate more qualified sales opportunities through outsourced sales and marketing. “I had a network of business professionals either in transition or interested in part time work that enabled them to utilize their experience from prior executive roles. This talent paired perfectly with organizations looking to outsource their B2B lead generation and appointment setting initiatives where conversations at a Director, VP and Owner level were required.”

The company has come a long way in the last 25 years. Chris Temperante joined as CEO and Managing Partner in 2008 and focused on developing the team and expanding the healthcare side of the business. Chris positioned the organization for growth in a segment that has an increasing need for inside sales, customer service and marketing professionals. “People are the foundation of our business and that has been a focus for me so I’m particularly excited to see us add two new partners, Cathy Schmid and Caroline Cronk,” said Temperante.

Cathy Schmid, Vice President of Business Development, has been with Volkart May since 2008 and focuses on exploring opportunities with new and existing clients. “It’s important to me to identify where there are good synergies between the experience and people we offer as an outsourcing partner and the end goals of the client. Building relationships with our clients is rewarding because we’re able to help them expand and grow their business,” said Schmid.

Caroline Cronk, Director of Client Services, has been with Volkart May since 2007 and heads up client services and marketing. “I’m looking forward to continuing to develop teams that operate as seamless extensions of our clients’ marketing and sales functions. My focus is on process, quality and helping businesses understand all the ways in which they can achieve growth and improve the customer experience through live conversations.”

To learn more about Volkart May visit https://www.volkartmay.com/.