Recent Revisions to the FCC have Implications for Businesses that Have or Want to Implement Inside Sales Functions

Direct marketing and B2B sales professionals are reviewing outbound calling technology closely – both for internal insides sales teams and outsourcing partners.

Minneapolis, MN – There are new revisions to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that impact a number of businesses that use automated telephone dialing systems (“ATDS”).

Prior express written consent is required for all autodialed and prerecorded outbound phone calls and messages to cell phones. Landlines apply if the message is for sales purposes.

An “established business relationship” is no longer an exemption when calling a cell phone.

The automated telephone dialing systems (“ATDS”) in use by many businesses are no longer compliant with the FCC. Volkart May has live agents for all outbound phone calls and does not make robocalls. Our outbound dialing technology is compliant with the FCC and enables efficient outreach to prospects by phone, particularly in high volumes. This includes responding to web inquiries and other sales leads in a timely manner.

As cell phones are increasingly used by business professionals in place of or in addition to office landlines, it is imperative that organizations can contact them with important information at these phone numbers. If your outbound calling technology is not in compliance with new FCC regulations, there are significant penalties of up to $500 per call – even if it is a third-party company that is contracted to make the calls.

“With these new regulations, there have been questions about what type of automated telephone dialing systems (“ATDS”) are in compliance with the FCC,” said Chris Temperante, Partner/CEO of Volkart May. “We have been and continue to be a resource to organizations that are starting or expanding inside sales functions. We have also been a resource to those companies whose dialing technology is no longer compliant with the FCC and need to transition their outbound calling efforts.”

For more information on these new FCC regulations and what they mean for your inside sales and business-to-business telemarketing programs, call 1.800.865.5147. Volkart May can help you respond to sales leads, including web inquiries and requests for quotes, reach out to new prospects and stay in touch with past customers – all while being compliant with the FCC.