3 Ways Inside Sales Outsourcing Impacts the Bottom Line

Sales Outsourcing

In order for a company to generate a profit, it must be focused on tasks that will improve the bottom line. The sales team is in charge of bringing in new business, but in many cases, companies aren’t being as efficient as they can be. For companies considering outsourcing the inside sales function that are wondering “what’s in it for us?”, here are some tasks that can have a positive impact on the bottom line:

Focus on the Top of the Sales Funnel

The most successful sales teams focus on the long term. Prospects at the top of the funnel might not be close to impacting the bottom line yet, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t eventually. When these prospects, who are early in the decision-making process, are given the attention they deserve, they’ll be more likely to convert down the line. If the in-house sales team is focusing their efforts on prospects that are further through the funnel, an outsourced inside sales team can focus on top of funnel sales prospecting.

This process ensures that these prospects are engaged with early on, which can potentially set a company apart from the competition that isn’t focused on the top of the funnel, and keeps the sales pipeline full, ensuring that the in-house sales team can focus on selling.

Focus on All Revenue Sources

The majority of an in-house sales team’s time is often spent working with the large, A and B accounts. However, these accounts aren’t the only sources of revenue. The smaller C and D accounts can also improve the bottom line. An outsourced inside sales firm can ensure that the smaller accounts don’t get ignored.

Remember, multiple smaller accounts can add up to significant revenue. An outsourced inside sales partner can also stay in touch with existing customers, providing ongoing customer support and generating interest in new products or services that complement existing products or services used.

Have the Ability to Flex Resources

Many B2B companies have sales cycles that vary throughout the year. Sales resources available should correlate with the number of leads that are coming in at any given time. Hiring an in-house only sales staff makes this very difficult to do. Sales staff salaries (and other employee-related overhead expenses) are paid for throughout the whole year, even if it doesn’t always make sense to employ the same number of staff members.

By outsourcing at least some of the inside sales function, a company can ensure that they are only paying for what they need, since services can be scaled up or down at any time without impacting in-house employment.

The in-house sales team’s time is limited. Outsourcing at least some of the inside sales function provides greater efficiency, ensuring that all prospects and accounts receive the attention they deserve, which can translate to an improved bottom line. Contact Volkart Mayfor more information.