Leave These Sales Functions to an Outsourced Calling Partner


The B2B sales cycle is often long and complex. Even if you have an in-house sales team, sales efforts can benefit from the help of an experienced outsourced calling partner. That’s because the in-house sales team’s time is best spent selling; working with leads that are further through the sales cycle.

An outsourced calling partner can augment efforts by working the top of the sales funnel, ensuring that only the best leads are passed on to sales. Here are 3 sales functions an outsourced calling partner can help with, giving the in-house sales team more time to work with leads that are closer to conversion:

Lead Generation

The in-house sales team should be closing sales, not spending time trying to generate new leads. An outsourced calling partner can do the up-front work, working through lead lists obtained via marketing efforts or purchased lists.

Outsourcing lead generation calling especially makes sense for businesses in which the sales cycle varies due to seasonality. Lead generation calling efforts can be scaled up or down depending on seasonal needs without impacting in-house sales staffing.

Lead Qualification

Once a lead is generated, it must be qualified. An outsourced calling partner can spend time conducting research; determining who the decision maker is and point of contact should be at an organization, what their current level of interest in the product or service is, if they’re a good fit and have the potential to actually make a purchase, and whether or not they are ready to buy. In some cases, a lead isn’t quite sales-ready but could be in the future. These leads should be further nurtured until the timing is right.

Current Customer Outreach

In order to grow, a company must bring in new leads and business, but it’s equally important to keep current customers and clients happy and aim to generate additional revenue from them when it makes sense to do so. An outsourced calling partner can call current customers or clients to inform them of new products or services offered that complement or enhance what they’re currently using or inform them about warranty changes or recalls. It’s likely they will appreciate the phone call, as opposed to receiving an email or snail mail letter with the information.

When an in-house sales team is required to execute all sales functions, from initial lead generation to selling, to customer/client outreach, their time becomes strained and it’s more likely that opportunities will be missed. Outsourcing some up-front sales functions to an outsourced calling partner frees up more of their time and ensures that it’s being used where it’s needed most; for actual selling. Contact Volkart May for more information.