3 Responsibilities to Outsource to an Outbound Calling Partner

3 Responsibilities to Outsource to an Outbound Calling PartnerDespite the many business communication options available to us today, there’s still something to be said for having a phone conversation. When two people speak on the phone, it establishes trust and a rapport that is often absent when using email, web chat, etc. When a company doesn’t have the resources for a calling campaign in-house, it’s advisable to outsource the work to a trusted outbound calling partner. Here are 3 important responsibilities that an outsourced partner can help with:

Lead generation

Your in-house sales team’s time is best spent working with leads that are further through the sales cycle. They should be closing deals, not spending time trying to generate new leads. An outsourced calling partner can do the up-front work, calling potential leads from a list. In addition to other marketing generated leads, this ensures that there is always a list of leads to work with. Because the sales cycle can vary due to seasonality, outsourcing allows a company to easily scale up or down depending on needs without worrying about over or under staffing in-house personnel.

Lead qualification

Not all marketing generated leads are sales ready so a process to qualify opportunities is important. A lead qualification calling campaign allows a company to determine who the decision maker is, what their actual level of interest in the product or service is, and if they’re ready to buy in the near future or not. If a lead is a good fit but just isn’t ready to be passed on to sales yet, they can continue to be nurtured until the timing is right.

Customer calling

While it’s important to continually be bringing in new leads and business, it’s just as important to ensure that your current customers or clients are happy and informed. An outsourced calling partner can reach out to existing customers and clients when the need arises. Examples of when this type of calling campaign comes in handy include outreach to generate awareness of any new products or services offered that they might be interested in and letting customers know about any changes to the product or service they are currently using such as service warranty changes or recalls. Sure, you can send an email or even a snail mail letter with this information, but you can’t assume that they will open either. They will appreciate that you took the extra step and placed a phone call to alert them to this important information.

While it makes sense for many companies to have in-house staff doing the actual selling, outsourcing some of these calling functions to a trusted partner ensures that this important work is still being done. It helps to keep the sales pipeline full and current customers happy and engaged.