4 Top Benefits of Outsourcing Inside Sales

Benefits of Outsourcing

For a B2B organization that relies on a full sales pipeline in order to thrive, the inside sales function is essential. However, for many companies (especially small to medium sized companies), hiring an in-house inside sales team isn’t feasible. In this instance, it often makes sense to outsource inside sales to an experienced firm.

Are you thinking of outsourcing your inside sales? Here are some of the top benefits of outsourcing the inside sales function:


Hiring an in-house sales team requires a significant amount of training and there’s often a learning curve as sales representatives begin to understand the industry and the needs of prospects. Since many outsourced firms specialize in particular markets, this time is drastically reduced. Outsourced inside sales professionals have years of experience and have learned what tactics work well and which ones don’t, ensuring that their time is spent efficiently from the get-go.


For many organizations, there’s an element of seasonality that has an impact on the sales cycle which means that the number of inside sales professionals needed can vary throughout the year. It doesn’t make sense to hire and lay off inside-sales professionals throughout the year, especially since the hiring and training process can take many months. Instead, working with an outsourced inside sales firm allows the work to be scaled at ease. The work can ramp up or down depending on what is needed at any given time.

Focus on core competencies 

The time it takes to recruit, hire, train, and manage inside sales professionals in-house is often time spent away from core competencies, or what ultimately drives sales, in small to medium sized organizations. Outsourcing inside sales allows the client to focus on the products or services they offer and leave the lead generation and selling to a trusted partner.

Cost savings

Hiring an in-house sales team requires a company to invest in employees’ base salaries, bonuses, benefits, sales equipment they use, and other employee related overhead costs. This adds up to a significant cost. In most cases, the fees associated with outsourcing the inside sales function are much lower than hiring an in-house team.

B2B organizations should consider the benefits of outsourcing inside sales to a trusted firm. Regardless of company size or products/services offered, there is likely a firm that is a good match and can provide you with the services you need at a fraction of the cost of hiring an in-house inside sales team.