3 Things an Outsourced B2B Contact Center Can Help You With

OutsourcedFor many companies, it makes sense to outsource at least a portion of inside sales to a B2B contact center. Executing an inside sales strategy is essential for a lead-driven B2B company, but it’s not always financially possible to hire a full-time sales team in-house. Or, for those companies that do have an in-house sales team, a B2B contact center can help augment efforts, ensuring that the in-house sales team is spending their time with the leads that have shown the most promise, and are further through the sales funnel. Here are 3 things that an experienced outsourced B2B contact center can help with:

Generating new leads

The time of an in-house sales team is best spent selling and closing sales, not looking for new lead opportunities. However, this isn’t to say that lead generation isn’t important. It’s still work that needs to be done. By working with an outsourced B2B contact center, this up-front work is handled in a professional manner, but it’s not detracting time from the in-house sales team. The outsourced partner can spend time working through lead lists and do the initial research. And since the work is outsourced, it can easily be scaled up or down depending on seasonality or other market conditions.

Qualifying leads

Only a fraction of leads are going to be sales-ready, meaning that they are a good fit for the product/service offered and have a current, active need for it. An outsourced B2B contact center can do the initial “digging” to determine what the lead’s status is and who the decision makers are. The sales-ready list can be passed on to the in-house sales team and those that aren’t ready, but might be a good fit one day, can be further nurtured.

Customer service

In addition to generating new leads and qualifying those leads, a B2B contact center can assist with ongoing customer service and client outreach efforts for existing customers and clients. A B2B contact center can handle inbound customer service calls in addition to executing outbound calling campaigns to stay in touch with current customers/clients, inform them of any warranty changes or recalls, and aim to generate additional revenue by promoting new products or services offered that complement or enhance what they’re currently using. Receiving this information via phone call is much more personal than receiving it via email or snail mail.

An in-house sales team is able to sell more effectively when the up-front and ongoing portions of the sales process are taken off of their plate. Outsourcing these functions to an experienced B2B contact center frees up their time while ensuring that this important work is still being done.