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Target Audience

Residency programs in family medicine and internal medicine as well as group practices targeted by number of physicians

Decision Maker Titles

Physician Practice Office Managers, Residency Program Directors, Physicians, Librarians and Library Directors


  • Outbound calls (3 attempts)
  • Offer a free 30-day trial
  • Called an additional set of records based on success from the first round of
  • calling within a particular practice size and title group


  • 17% of the time Volkart May reached a qualified decision maker, a web demo was scheduled for the client’s sales team
  • The percentage of web demos increased to 23% when calling efforts were focused on titles and practice sizes where Volkart May had the best success.
  • 21% of the list was updated with new contact information
  • Market information delivered about the best titles to target, the best practice sizes to target and products already in use within a practice that made decision makers more likely to schedule a web demo
  • Better understanding of where to target marketing & sales efforts for success on a new product
  • Techniques to lower cost per web demo
  • Increased sales force efficiency in calling through a large volume of residencies and group practices