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International Manufacturer of Analytical Instruments

International Manufacturer of Analytical Instruments – Market Research – Case Study 2015-02-26T03:01:42+00:00

Target Audience

Wheat and barley farmers

Decision Maker Titles


Program Objectives

  • Market research to uncover market potential for a grain analyzer in the United States
  • Gain a commitment to take an online survey
  • Capture answers to two profiling questions to support the marketing efforts around the potential product launch


  • Outbound calls (3 attempts) over 6 days
  • Participants entered into a drawing for an iPod


  • 11% of the total list agreed to take the online survey
  • 5% of the total list or 46% of those that agreed to take the survey actually completed it online
  • Able to reach out to target audience and gain response quickly
  • Benefited from a team in place at Volkart May that had made calls to this audience in the past