Sales Prequalification -
Leading Medical Device Company

Leading Medical Device Company – Sales Prequalification – Case Study 2017-09-21T05:51:50+00:00

Target Audience

  • Physician Practices (Internal Medicine/Neurology/Physiatry)
  • Physical & Occupational Therapists

Decision Maker Titles

Physicians, Physicians’ Assistants, Therapists, Nurses and Office Managers

Program Objectives

Support the client’s sales force by identifying and prequalifying practices as strong referral sources for the client’s spasticity treatment therapy


  • Two-phase outbound calling to collect answers to six pertinent questions related to spasticity patient population and current spasticity treatment modalities
  • Phase 1: Call 5,700 practices (3 attempts)
  • Phase 2: Make additional 2 attempts to highest potential practices not yet reached


  • 46% of the time Volkart May reached an appropriate contact, a profile was completed
  • 11% completed profiles against total list
  • An additional 24% of practices were determined to be “not qualified” for the client’s sales efforts in this area (of usable records reached)
  • Ability to better focus sales & marketing resources to qualified prospects
  • Better use of sales talent by providing opportunities more likely to close