Invest in Lead Qualification to Improve the Sales Database

Invest in Lead Qualification to Improve the Sales Database

In order for a company to grow it must continually generate new leads that can be added to the sales database. However, not all leads are created equal. If every lead is entered into the database with only the most basic information and then immediately passed off to the sales team as-is, it results in an inefficient process.

Do you spend time qualifying your leads? Here are some reasons why a lead qualification strategy focused on improving the sales database will enhance sales efforts:

The Sales Team’s Time is Spent Wisely

When leads are passed over to the sales team without being qualified, the sales team ultimately ends up wasting a good deal of their time. The sales team is very good at what they do, and the quality of the leads can vary drastically. Some are just going to be a complete waste of their time, and others will be excellent. The goal should be to make sure that the leads that do get pushed to them have the potential of converting.

Sure, there might be some leads that are a perfect match for the products/services offered and are ready to buy, but it’s not always the case. Many leads initially reach out to get more information and to find out if the product/service is a good fit for them. They may have no intention of investing at that moment in time. When leads are qualified up front, only the best leads are passed on to sales so they know that their time is being spent wisely.

Sales Messaging Can be Personalized

The personal touch can go a long way in sales. Qualifying the leads gives them the chance to do prior research on the prospect and customize the message based on his or her needs. When a sales representative only has the most basic information about a lead, they aren’t able to craft a message specifically for that decision maker.

On the other hand, if the sales representative has detailed information about their challenges, needs, current situation and other key buying information, they will know what features and benefits of the product to highlight in order to guide them towards making a purchase.

The Sales Cycle is Reduced

When the sales process isn’t efficient, it tacks unnecessary time onto the sales cycle because the sales team is wasting time chasing leads that won’t go anywhere. When leads are properly qualified and the sales team has more information, they’re able to provide greater attention to the leads that are most likely to convert, reducing the sales cycle and ensuring that the leads don’t sit “in limbo” or take their business elsewhere while they wait.

A lead qualification campaign results in a sales database that is up to date, thorough, targeted, and segmented. With true, qualified leads, the sales process is much more efficient and your business can grow faster.