Follow These 3 Tips When Putting Together an Inside Sales Call Guide

Follow These 3 Tips When Putting Together an Inside Sales Call Guide

An inside sales call guide is beneficial because it serves as an outline for a sales representative when they have a conversation with prospects and/or customers. Unlike a sales script, it doesn’t include what to say word for word. Rather, it includes some key points that should be made throughout the call, allowing the agent to speak freely and use their own words to convey their point.

In order to increase the effectiveness of an inside sales call, it is important to put together a guide filled with the main points that you want to cover in each call. That way, you can stay on point without following a script.

When putting together an inside sales call guide it’s important to follow these 3 tips:

Be Specific with Your Message

A mistake that some sales representatives make is trying to be everything to everyone, which is impossible. If your message is too broad, it will be less likely to resonate with your target audience members. Having a specific message allows your prospects to focus, which will enable them to make firm decisions.

Instead, it’s important to be specific when explaining how your product/service/solution can help the person with whom you are speaking. Create a call guide that includes examples of how what you offer will address certain specific challenges that they are experiencing.

Be Direct with Prospects

Your prospects are busy, which is why it’s important to be respectful of their time and get right to the point about why you are calling early on in the conversation. The call guide should avoid lengthy introductions or background information and instead focus on the needs of the prospect and asking them the correct questions that will determine whether they are a good fit for what you offer right away. By getting to the point, it shows that you respect their time. This could lead to them making a positive decision to make the purchase.

Allow for Genuine Conversations

A prospect on the other end of the line will quickly check out of the conversation if what the representative is saying sounds too scripted. A call guide is useful in guiding the conversation but it shouldn’t dictate everything that is said and should allow for a genuine conversation with the prospect. A common pit-fall is also using copy from websites and other printed material – this often comes across as “salesy” and doesn’t allow for authentic, genuine dialogue.

An inside sales call guide is a useful tool for training purposes and can improve performance, as long as it is being utilized properly. If the call guide misses the mark it will result in unsuccessful inside sales calls that don’t advance and close.