Integrate a B2B Calling Campaign With Other Marketing Efforts

Integrate a B2B Calling Campaign With Other Marketing Efforts

In order to be effective, companies today must take an integrated approach to marketing. Customers and prospects are looking for information about a company/product/service across numerous channels. Each touch point contributes to the person’s overall brand experience and ultimately determines whether or not they decide to make a purchase. Multiple touches are often necessary in order to reach potential customers or clients via their preferred communication method and to stay in front of them until they are ready to buy.

Important channels to consider as components of the marketing mix today include a company website, SEO, webinars, and email along with traditional marketing methods such as speaking engagements, print materials, and tradeshow appearances. Perhaps one of the most important communication options to integrate into a marketing campaign though is the old-fashioned phone call.

Here are 5 ways a B2B calling campaign complements other marketing efforts:

Follow Up to Inquiries

Leads are the lifeblood of any B2B organization. Every lead, no matter how far through the sales funnel, should be given attention. When someone submits a lead form or calls to inquire about services, it’s important to follow up in a timely fashion. A follow up call tells the prospect that their potential business is important and keeps them engaged.

Profile Prospects

There’s only so much information that can be included on a lead form. In fact, it’s advisable to keep a lead form succinct so that it doesn’t deter prospects. An outbound calling campaign allows an agent to get to know the prospect on a deeper level and determine whether or not the prospect is in fact a good fit. The agent can further segment the prospect to ensure that any future outreach is relevant to their needs, which results in a positive brand experience.

Perform Market Research

An outbound calling campaign is an important method of collecting key market research data from prospects. Agents are able to engage research participants and probe for more detailed, valuable responses.

Call Prospects Before and After Events

Tradeshow marketing is popular in the B2B sector. To get the most out of a tradeshow or event appearance, it’s worthwhile to make pre and post event calls to attendees. Prior to the event, outbound callers can remind attendees that their company will be there, generate interest and excitement about the presentation/booth/speech/etc., and even schedule appointments. After the event, callers can follow up with anyone who expressed interest at the event in order to continue the dialogue.

Verify Databases

A lead generation database is only valuable if the information is up to date. In order to execute an email or mail campaign, the addresses and decision maker contact information must be correct. A calling campaign is a way to verify that the information is accurate.

In order to grow your business, you need to keep the pipeline full of qualified leads and prospects. In order to do this, you can easily integrate a B2B calling campaign into your other marketing pursuits. This will help you find as many qualified leads as possible.