Inbound Response -
Large Manufacturer

Large Manufacturer – Inbound Response Case Study 2017-09-21T05:51:49+00:00

Target Audience

A variety of industry segments that would use safety footwear in the workforce and searched for the company online or received an email or direct mail piece.

Decision Maker Titles

Safety Director, Safety Manager, Safety Coordinator, Risk Manager, Plant/Site Manager, Manager of Environmental Health & Safety

Program Objectives

  • Qualify interested inbound prospects as leads for Sales Managers
  • Capture contact information and profiling information for all prospects that call in
  • Warm transfer customer service questions directly to client
  • Push lead information through to client on a daily basis for follow-up in their CRM
  • Track source information to support ongoing marketing initiatives


Volkart May created different phone numbers to represent different sources used by client for marketing purposes (Search/PPC, Email and Direct Mail). The prospect would call in for more information and Volkart May would capture contact and profile information via the same script used by client for an outbound lead generation campaign. Lead information would be forwarded to client for their sales representatives to follow up with.


  • The ability to pass scored, ready-to-buy leads to sales and keep colder leads for nurturing
  • Consistent, prompt and professional response and handling of all customer inquires
  • Market intelligence on safety footwear needs and the most effective marketing sources