Hot Lead Transfer & Appointment
Setting -
IT Services Company

IT Services Company – Appointment Setting – Case Study 2017-09-21T05:51:50+00:00

Target Audience

Growing data center, managed services and web hosting companies

Decision Maker Titles

Chief Financial Officer, Chief Executive Officer and Vice President of Finance

Program Objectives

  • Generate awareness for a unique leasing model
  • Identify hot leads and transfer to a sales advisor or set a phone appointment
  • Build an accurate, targeted marketing database for ongoing sales efforts


  • The client’s sales advisors provided a list of prospects they were not actively working for Volkart May to target
  • Up to four outbound call attempts with a voicemail message if unable to connect on the last attempt


  • Five sales closed within three months of starting the calling campaign
  • 21% of the time Volkart May reached an appropriate contact, an appointment was set or a prospect was transferred directly to the client’s sales team
  • An additional 24% of pipeline opportunities identified through requests for information or callbacks at a later date
  • 79% of the list was updated with new contact information
  • To-date, with four attempts, 61% of the total list was either reached live or received a voicemail message to generate awareness for the client
  • Market intelligence on timeframes for purchase, opportunity size, etc.
  • Full pipeline of qualified, near-term sales opportunities
  • Market segmentation to understand which prospects are ready and qualified to
  • Buy and which prospects to focus on at a later time