Immediate IVA Lead Follow Up and Lead Qualification for Insurance Products

Immediate IVA Lead Follow Up and Lead Qualification for Insurance Products 2017-09-21T05:51:49+00:00

Target Audience

Individuals who have requested a quote from a website that works with several major health insurance companies.

Decision Maker Titles

Health care insurance consumers

Program Objectives

  • Bandwidth to maximize lead opportunities by following up within minutes on IVA leads sent to multiple competitors
  • Make follow up phone calls while remaining compliant with new FCC regulations
  • Only pass real, quotable opportunities to licensed plan representatives
  • Professional, consistent and timely customer experience with personable, rapport-building conversations


  • Up to 3 outbound call attempts – one within minutes of receiving the IVA lead and two more the same day if unable to reach on the first or second attempt
  • Qualify opportunity and generate interest in warm transferring to a licensed plan representative


  • Of those reached, 59% wanted to be warm transferred to a licensed plan representative and another 6% were still reviewing options although not ready to speak to someone yet
  • Those not reached were left a voicemail responding to their request for a quote or information and a number to reach back out to
  • Those that were reached and not interested still received a brand-building live touch and we were able to understand why they were no longer interested (i.e. still researching, staying with current provider, etc.)
  • Enabled a more efficient, cost-effective quoting process