Keys to a Successful Relationship with an Outsourced Inside Sales Company

RelationshipThere are many reasons for a company to outsource the inside sales function. First, doing so is much more economical than hiring a full team of inside sales professionals to work in house. Outsourcing eliminates salary, training, management, and other employee costs. Second, outsourcing ensures that the client company is being represented by an experienced, professional staff since an outsourced inside sales company specializes strictly in the inside sales function and has the experience necessary to hire and train the right people.

While the benefits of hiring an outsourced inside sales company are many, the inside sales campaign itself will only be as successful as the relationship between the client company and the outsourced partner. Here are 3 important keys to a successful relationship with an outsourced inside sales company:


Once a client company hires an outsourced inside sales firm to work with, it doesn’t mean that their work is done. A successful relationship requires collaboration between the two parties since they each have different strengths that contribute to the inside sales campaign as a whole. While the outsourced inside sales company specializes in having lead generation, lead qualification, and sales conversations with prospects, it’s the client company that is the expert on the product/service offered. In order to be successful, outsourced inside sales professionals need access to the client company’s vast level of knowledge.

Ongoing communication

Communication between the two parties is typically at its peak at the onset of a campaign and tends to decrease as both parties become more confident in each other. However, that doesn’t mean that communication should ever stop completely. An outsourced inside sales partner needs to be kept in the loop about everything going on within the client company so that they can perform their jobs at the highest level. Product and service offerings and the company goals can change over time to keep up with consumer demand and even a small change can affect the sales approach and messaging. To ensure that lines aren’t crossed and important communications aren’t missed, there should be one or two point people assigned at the client company and at the outsourced inside sales company that are responsible for communication and relaying information to their respective teams.


An outsourced inside sales firm is going to perform at its best when the client can be transparent and share as much information as possible. Without access to company data, background information, product specs, and other crucial information, the inside sales campaign won’t be as efficient as it should be. If their level of trust with their outsourced partner is lacking, they are probably working with the wrong firm.

Hiring an outsourced inside sales company can be very beneficial to a client company that has limited internal sales resources, however not all client company/outsourced firm relationships are created equal. Relationships that are based on collaboration, communication, and trust have the most potential for success.