Keep the Pipeline Full with Outsourced MedTech Inside Sales

SalesIt’s very rare for a lead to quickly turn into a sale. In most cases in complex B2B industries such as MedTech, a lead will gradually move through the sales pipeline. It can even take years to reach conversion and the only way to get to that point is to have an inside sales strategy built for every part of the sales funnel. However, it’s very difficult and time consuming to keep in-house sales representatives in front of customers and build an active pipeline. That’s why many MedTech companies are choosing to outsource the work. Here are 3 benefits of outsourcing MedTech inside sales:

The pipeline stays full

When the up-front sales work such as lead generation, lead qualification, and appointment setting is conducted by an outsourced inside sales firm, it ensures that the work is being done while in-house sales reps can remain focused on selling to those leads that are further through the pipeline and closer to conversion. An outsourced call center can also conduct lead nurturing activities, periodically reaching out to qualified leads that aren’t quite ready to buy.

Sales managers and representatives stay active with qualified leads

With an outsourced firm proactively feeding the pipeline and qualifying leads, opportunities are continually passed on to in-house sales managers and representatives whose job it is to take the leads through the “home stretch” of the pipeline to conversion. Sales teams are able to stay more engaged with prospects when they have a steady stream of leads that have been well qualified.

Increased odds of closing deals

When it comes down to it, it’s really a numbers game. With more man-power involved between the outsourced firm doing the necessary lead generation, qualification, and nurturing and the in-house sales team establishing connections with qualified leads that are close to conversion, the number of leads that are in the pipeline at any given time increases. This also increases the odds that deals are closed and the company’s profits go up.

Hiring an outsourced MedTech inside sales company is a cost-effective way to keep the sales pipeline full. They take on the important work that in-house sales representatives don’t always have time for but benefit from since they will receive a steady stream of sales-qualified leads.