Consider Outsourcing Inside Sales if it’s Not Your Core Business

Consider Outsourcing Inside Sales if its Not Your Core BusinessInside sales professionals play an important role within a B2B organization since B2Bs rely on lead generation and a full sales pipeline in order to survive. However, hiring an in-house inside sales team isn’t as easy and cost effective as some may think, especially for small to medium sized businesses. This is why many companies take advantage of the benefits of outsourcing the inside sales function.

The benefits of outsourcing inside sales include:

1. Access to an experienced team

Working with an outsourced firm provides a client with insider knowledge regarding tactics that work well and those that don’t. Many outsourced firms specialize in particular markets and have many years of experience working with clients in similar industries, allowing them to develop best practice guidelines that ensure that time is spent in the most efficient manner.

2. Ability to ramp up or down quickly

Due to seasonality, it might not make sense for a company to employ the same number of salespeople all year long. When outsourcing inside sales, it’s possible to ramp up or down without worrying about having to hire or fire full-time employees. During high volume periods, the client doesn’t need to spend time publishing job ads and going through resumes and multiple rounds of interviews. In addition to the time it takes to train a new hire, this process could take many months! There’s also additional risk involved when hiring a full-time employee who could leave at any moment. When working with an outsourced partner, you know that your account will always be handled professionally and you won’t lose any time.

3. Can focus on core business

A company is able to devote more time to their core competencies when they don’t need to spend time recruiting, hiring, training, and managing the inside sales function. If building a product is what the client does best, they can keep doing that without distractions, knowing that the outsourced inside sales partner is doing what they do best: developing leads and selling.

4. Cost savings

An experienced inside sales professional doesn’t come cheap. A competitive base salary, bonuses and benefits all add up. Add in the costs of equipment a sales professional needs (phone, computer, software, other sales tools, etc.) and other employee related overhead costs, it’s quite an investment. In many cases, outsourcing to an experienced inside sales company is more cost efficient.

While no two companies are the same and each has its own unique set of sales needs, there are many advantages of outsourcing inside sales to a third party, regardless of company size or what is being sold.