Why Minnesota Is a Good Location for Outsourced Inside Sales and Customer Service

Why Minnesota Is a Good Location for Outsourced Inside Sales and Customer ServiceInside sales and customer service are two important components of many businesses. However, every company has different needs and in some cases it doesn’t make sense to hire inside sales or customer service professionals to work in-house, largely due to the costs associated with full-time employees and necessary training and management. Outsourcing is a viable option in this case. It ensures that this important work is still being completed in a professional manner, but utilizing a model that generates a greater return on investment. Thanks to modern technology, inside sales and customer service initiatives can be outsourced to anywhere in the world and companies must consider the best location for their needs. Here are 3 reasons why Minnesota is worth considering when outsourcing inside sales and customer service:

1. Minnesota Law

Minnesota is one of a select number of states in the U.S. where it is not required by law to announce to the person on the other end that the call is being recorded. In Minnesota, only one of the two people on the phone needs to be aware that the call is being recorded, so it can be the inside sales or customer service professional making or taking the call, not the customer or prospect. Without this interruption, the call is able to flow more smoothly and is more professional. It is especially ideal for outbound calling campaigns, allowing the conversation to start more naturally.

2. Location

Minnesota is in the middle of the country in the Central Time Zone, making it ideal to staff for coast-to-coast calling as well as in calling across Canada and into Latin and South America. Minnesota business hours also overlap for part of the day in Europe, making it possible to work with companies that do business there.

3. Cost of Living

The cost of living and labor rates are not as high in Minnesota as they are in other states such as California or New York which means that in most cases, it is more cost effective to build out inside sales and customer service functions in Minnesota, even if the company is headquartered in a larger, more expensive city elsewhere in the country.

Making the decision to outsource inside sales and customer service functions is the first step. The next step is determining where to outsource these functions to. For companies that desire to keep the work within the U.S., Minnesota offers many attractive benefits to consider.