International Inside Sales and Customer Service

International Inside Sales and Customer ServiceMore and more companies are looking to expand internationally. However, business leaders are posed with challenges when they do so. There are many costs and other considerations associated with entering a new market which can be a barrier to entry, especially for smaller companies and start-ups. This is why outsourcing inside sales and customer service functions can be beneficial as a company seeks to go multinational.

Many companies that want to enter a new market are concerned that they don’t have the resources that are necessary to set up sales and customer service offices in each new location. In order to build up a new salesforce and customer service team in each new market, it would require ample travel expenses associated with sending senior employees to that location to go through the hiring and training process in addition to office overhead costs and employee salaries and benefits. When these functions are outsourced, the outsourcing partner takes on these responsibilities. The costs become variable and scalable. Because an outsourced firm has an established network, an international sales and customer service team can be up and running quickly. Working with an outsourced inside sales and customer service partner eliminates the need to hire and staff an international office, drastically reducing costs.

When expanding abroad, it’s also important to remember that the selling, marketing, and customer service process is different country-to-country. There are local business regulations and customs to be aware of in addition to language barriers. Inside sales and customer service is often most effective and best received if the person on the phone is familiar with the culture and speaks the native language. This not only removes communication barriers but also helps build rapport and credibility of the company in international markets.

Inside sales and customer service outsourcing partners have networks in other countries that allow for in-country, native-language calling and one-stop management for companies doing business in multiple parts of the world. This helps mobilize campaigns more quickly and provides consistency and control. Because of their ability to scale in the hiring and management process, outsourcing partners can also hire native speakers that are bi-lingual to all work in a central location. This allows teams that have experience with two cultures to make and receive calls in two languages. Such a team can help collaborate on appropriate positioning and translations. An example of where this works particularly well is North America and Latin America.

Entering an international market should be an exciting time for a company, not a frustrating time. That’s why hiring an outsourced inside sales and customer service partner is beneficial. The company expanding to a new market can focus on their core business, knowing that inside sales and customer service is being handled professionally at a fraction of the cost.