The Shift To Inside Sales from Traditional Sales

The Shift To Inside Sales from Traditional Sales

In recent years the sales industry has seen a significant shift away from traditional, field sales to an inside sales model. Because of this, companies have seen an increased need for hiring for inside sales positions. This is easier said than done! It may be beneficial to forget hiring internally and outsource this to a firm, instead. Here’s more information:

Phone and Email Are Preferred Methods of Making Sales

Face to face selling has taken a backseat to selling by phone and email. In 2013, Harvard Business Review conducted in-depth interviews and surveys with over 100 vice presidents of sales at leading high technology companies and business services providers and found that over the previous two years, 46% of study participants reported a shift from a field sales model to an inside sales model, while only 21% reported a shift from inside sales to a field sales model.

Inside Sales is Becoming More Prominent

Though inside sales has become more prominent, companies are struggling to find and hire experienced inside sales representatives. In fact, according to ManpowerGroup’s annual Talent Shortage Survey, sales representative was the second most difficult position to hire for in 2015. It jumped from fourth-hardest position to fill to the second-hardest in a year.

According to a Wall Street Journal article, companies are having a hard time selling people on a career in sales and companies selling technology and other services to corporate customers are struggling to fill potentially lucrative sales jobs. Employers say that young workers are uninterested in sales. Having lived through the financial crisis and recession, they perceive a job in sales as risky.

The article states that Paycor Inc., which sells cloud-based software for human-resources and payroll management, said it would have forecast $2 million more in 2015 revenue if it had hit its 2014 hiring goals for new sales reps in 2014. The time spent bringing new reps up to speed meant that they weren’t seeing the full benefit of their productivity until 12 to 18 months into their tenure.

Companies Are Outsourcing Inside Sales Capabilities

The Paycor Inc. situation is an example of why outsourcing inside sales capabilities is beneficial to an organization. The inside sales function can be augmented by an inside sales outsourcing firm while the company is hiring new employees and getting them up to speed, or even on an ongoing basis as part of a strategic decision to outsource. This ensures that the sales process keeps moving and helps to minimize the potential loss of revenue that occurs while waiting for new hires to get up to speed.

When working with an inside sales outsourcing firm, the company can select which functions they’d like the firm to handle. The firm can augment certain call types, such as top of the funnel prospecting and lead generation only, or all call types and work with only a specific set of customers and prospects or all customers and prospects, depending on the needs of the company. Of course, work can be scaled up or down at any time too.

Companies are shifting towards an inside sales model, but it can be challenging to find the right people to fill these sales roles. This is why it makes sense to work with an inside sales outsourcing firm while hiring new employees and getting them up to speed, to ensure that potential revenue isn’t lost.