Is Your Inside Sales Team Focused on All Revenue Sources?

Is Your Inside Sales Team Focused on All Revenue SourcesHow does your in-house inside sales team spend the majority of their time? If you’re like most companies, it’s spent working with the large accounts, the A and B accounts that are farther along in the sales process, closest to converting, or already customers. However, it’s important to recognize that the biggest accounts aren’t the only sources of revenue. The smaller C and D accounts can generate steady revenue too.

Since the in-house inside sales team has a limited amount of time, it makes sense that they’d focus on the larger revenue sources first. This is why a company should outsource additional inside sales efforts to a trusted firm, to ensure that the smaller C and D accounts don’t get ignored. These accounts may be smaller and may yield lower sales figures, but the smaller accounts can certainly add up to something significant and sometimes grow into larger A and B sized clients. It’s in a company’s best interest to dedicate time to these smaller prospects in order to tap into all potential revenue sources.

In addition to generating new business from the smaller accounts, an outsourced inside sales team can also ensure that existing smaller customers or clients are getting the attention they deserve. Just as the in-house sales team tends to focus on the larger accounts up front, it’s those accounts that also get the majority of their attention after the initial sale. An outsourced partner can reach out to these customers or clients by phone to generate interest in new products or services. They can also provide customer support and be available when customers call in with questions, concerns, purchase inquires, and orders.

Working with an outsourced partner that can focus on the smaller accounts also makes sense financially. It’s costly to assign in-house sales reps to work with smaller, less profitable accounts. However, outsourcing is a much less expensive option, increasing the ROI of the work. When inside sales is outsourced the company isn’t paying for the salary, benefits, and other overhead costs associated with a full time hire. The work of the outsourced partner can also be scaled depending on needs or seasonality.

All revenue sources are important and deserve attention. If your in-house inside sales team doesn’t have the time to dedicate towards the smaller accounts, or it doesn’t make sense financially for them to do so, outsourcing part of the inside sales function is a viable way to ensure that business opportunities aren’t lost.