Why Inside Sales is Effective and Efficient

Marketing and sales tactics can essentially be broken up into two camps; inbound and outbound. While web-based, inbound marketing and sales strategies have increased in popularity, it doesn’t mean that traditional, outbound marketing and sales strategies are not effective or efficient. Outbound marketing helps increase the opportunity to meet and establish a relationship.

Inside sales is perhaps the most effective and efficient outbound, B2B sales model and consists of outbound calling campaigns, email campaigns, and remote presentations and demos. Inside sales continues to outpace field or outsides sales as more professionals embrace doing business remotely. There are many reasons why inside sales is a smart idea for B2B organizations including the following:


Outsourcing inside sales gives organizations the ability to easily scale resources based on factors like seasonality or to align with a new product or service launch. B2Bs can expand the sales team quickly without worrying about the headaches and extended time frame associated with hiring and training new inside sales reps to work in-house.


Speed is a key benefit of inside sales. Whereas inbound marketing is working to build a brand over the long-term, inside sales representatives can work through a qualified list as soon as it’s in their hands or immediately touch base with a prospect or lead. Inside sales reps can see immediate results based on their efforts via leads and sales.


An inside sales strategy is known as an effective way to reach the widest possible audience in the shortest amount of time. It is also very cost effective, and you can easily measure the ROI.


Marketing and sales are all about creating touchpoints with target audience members including suspects, prospects and clients. Every touch (experience) that a potential or current client has with a company helps create its brand identity. Speaking directly with a professional, knowledgeable inside sales rep is an important branding touchpoint and can immediately set you apart. It establishes a personal connection with a real, live human being at the company which helps to keep the company top of mind when it comes time to make a purchasing decision.

As you can see, there are many reasons why inside sales remains a top priority for B2B organizations. For some businesses it makes sense to have an inside sales team in-house and for others, the most efficient way is to outsource or utilize a hybrid model that takes leverages both in-house and outsourced resources.