Key Points to Mention Upfront During an Inside Sales Call

Key Points

Inside sales representatives only have so much time during a prospect call to pique the prospect’s interest. The goal is to engage in a productive two-way conversation that turns the prospect into a qualified lead and moves them further through the sales funnel.

That’s only going to happen if the prospect quickly understands the value of the conversation and stays on the line. Here are some key points to mention upfront during an inside sales call to keep prospects interested:

Prior Touchpoints

If the prospect has interacted with your company/brand in some way in the past, it’s important to mention this at the beginning of the conversation. Prior touchpoints could include downloading a whitepaper, meeting company representatives at an industry event, receiving email newsletters, or even speaking with sales representatives in the past. Once the prospect recognizes the company name and remembers a previous interaction, they’ll be more likely to continue the conversation.

Why You’re Calling

During a prospect call, it’s important to get right to the point by stating the objective of your call from the beginning. Prospects are busy and you want to respect their time. After a brief introduction, explain why you’re calling and get the conversation rolling by asking specific questions that will determine if your product/solution is a good fit for their needs.

What’s in It for Them

Taking a broad approach to prospect calls isn’t enough to grab their attention and can be a big waste of time since it can result in a quick “No, thank you.” Prospects need to understand what they can gain through your product or service. If they understand the benefits, they are more likely to stay on the phone.

Ultimately, the only thing that a prospect cares about is how your product or service can help them solve a challenge that they have. This is why it’s so important to do your research before calling a prospect in order to take a targeted approach to the call and customize the conversation to the unique needs of each prospect you call. Taking this approach will result in a more targeted lead list to pass on to the sales team.

Prospects can be wary of sales calls which is why the first few moments during a call is so critical. If you can capture their attention and gain their trust in those first few moments, they’ll be more likely to stay on the line, speak candidly about their challenges, and be receptive of what you have to say and the products/services you offer.