Things to Consider When Hiring an Inside Sales Partner

Sales PartnerThere are many reasons to outsource some or all of the inside sales function to an outsourced partner. Doing so cuts down on costs associated with recruiting, training, and other sales employee overhead and allows a company to utilize the inside sales partner’s knowledge and experience while their time is freed up to focus on product/service development. Making the decision to work with an outsourced inside sales partner is the first step. Next, a company needs to decide which inside sales partner to hire. Here are some important things to consider when making that decision:

Industry experience

One of the biggest indicators of a successful partnership with an inside sales contact center is whether they have experience in your specific industry, especially if it is a complex or highly regulated industry, like healthcare or insurance. Having experience in the industry drastically reduces training time which means that calling campaigns can be executed sooner.


When researching prospective inside sales partners, it’s advisable to ask for referrals, ideally from current clients in a related industry (if possible). A trustworthy inside sales company will gladly present you with referral information. Spend time speaking to these referrals to learn more about their experiences working with the company.


What can you expect from the inside sales partner once you hire them? What is their training process? How do they set goals and what is their strategy for reaching those goals? Transparency between a company and their outsourced inside sales partner during every step of the process is critical for success.

An inside sales partner is just that; a partner. They should be viewed as an extension of your own company which means that trust and reliability are required. Taking the time to find the right partner that is an industry leader and has experience professionally representing brands is going to set inside sales calling campaigns up for success, improving your bottom line.