Ways to Quickly Engage Prospects During a Sales Call

Sales CallDuring a sales call, sales representatives don’t have much time to capture the interest of the prospect on the other end of the line. After all, prospects are busy people and they’ll likely decide in under a minute if they want the conversation to continue or not. That’s why it’s so important for inside sales representatives to carefully craft their call approach in order to quickly engage prospects in those initial, crucial moments, increasing the likelihood that they’ll stay on the call and, ideally, move further through the sales funnel. Here are 3 ways to quickly engage prospects during a sales call:

Explain the purpose of the call

Seems obvious, but far too many sales representatives get caught up in introductions at the onset of a call when all the prospect really wants to know is why they’re calling. It’s better to get right to the point in order to respect their time and ideally, also pique their interest. Keep the momentum going by asking questions that will help determine if the products/services offered are a good fit for the prospect.

Mention previous interactions

If a prospect has already expressed interest in the products/services offered in some way in the past (spoke with a sales representative, met company representatives at an industry event, downloaded white papers or case studies from the website, signed up to receive email newsletters, etc.), it’s important to mention this at the beginning of the conversation. The prospect will be more receptive to the conversation once they’re reminded that the relationship isn’t entirely brand new, and that the sales representative has a legitimate reason to be calling them.

Speak directly to their needs

Before making the call, it’s important for a sales representative to spend some time researching the prospect to get a feel for what their specific needs and challenges are. Doing so allows them to personalize the conversation and explain how the product/service offered will address those challenges.

An inside sales call isn’t always welcomed by prospects, which is why it’s so important to quickly engage them within the first few moments. By gaining their interest early, and ultimately their trust, the prospect will be more receptive to considering the purchase of the product/service offered.