Reasons to Have a Live Conversation with Prospects Early in the Sales Process

Live Conversation

Early in the sales process, when prospects are at the very top of the funnel and just beginning their research, it might not seem like initiating a phone conversation should be a top priority for the sales team. After all, they’re likely focused on prospects who are further though the sales funnel and closer to conversion.

However, not engaging in a live conversation early in the sales process is a big missed opportunity. Here are 3 reasons why it’s worthwhile to have a live conversation with prospects early in the sales process:

Establish a Personal Connection Early

Sure, there are plenty of marketing communication channels available to engage with prospects at the top of the funnel, but none of them are as personal as the good old phone conversation. A prospect is more likely to build a rapport with a company when they actually speak to a representative. This rapport helps to establish trust and keeps the company top of mind as they move through their decision process. It could be the deciding factor in determining which company to buy from or work with.

Customize the Approach

When a company relies too heavily on presenting top of funnel prospects with information via case studies, whitepapers, or other marketing collateral, it means that the prospect is only getting a general idea of the products/services offered. They aren’t learning how the company can help with their unique needs or challenges and they might decide to look elsewhere.

Utilizing a phone conversation early in the sales process allows the sales representative to learn about the prospect, determine if they are a good fit, and take a customized approach in order to maintain the interest of the prospect and move them further through the funnel.

Establish a Primary Point of Contact

As a prospect continues their decision-making process, they’ll feel comfortable reaching out to a company to ask additional questions or get additional information when they have an existing relationship with a point of contact. It could very well be the sales representative who first reaches out to them early on in the sales process.

Just because it’s early in the sales process doesn’t mean that a live phone conversation isn’t worthwhile. In fact, it’s an important time to distinguish from the competition. Taking the time to engage in a phone conversation with prospects at this point in time can go a long way towards gaining trust and ultimately, earning the sale. Contact usfor more information.