Improve Inside Sales Call Outcomes by Following These Tips

FollowingAn inside sales call can serve many purposes. The goal might be to generate initial interest, gauge existing interest, establish a relationship with a prospect, learn more about prospects and target audience members, move prospects closer to conversion, or ultimately, to close a sale. All of these positive outcomes are only possible if the inside sales call goes smoothly and sales representatives keep prospects on the line and engaged. Here are 3 ways to improve inside sales call outcomes:

Allow the conversation to flow naturally

It’s obvious when a sales representative is reading from a script. Instead of having an engaging two-way dialogue, the prospect feels like they are speaking to a pre-programmed robot. This can be a big turn off, especially if the prospect has a question or concern that isn’t addressed on the script and the sales rep doesn’t know how to handle it. It’s helpful for sales representatives to have call guides, but they should be trained well enough to be able to go “off script” in order to have an authentic dialogue with prospects.

Be direct

Prospects are busy people so it’s important to be respectful of their time and get to the point quickly once you’ve connected. Avoid lengthy introductions or spending a lot of time discussing the company background. It isn’t the information that the prospect is looking for in that moment and they can always research this information if they’d like to at another time. Instead, be direct and focus on the prospect’s needs and spend your time asking the questions that will determine whether they are a good fit and how to move them further through the sales funnel if they are.

Speak directly to prospect needs

It’s impossible to be “everything to everyone,” so don’t even try! Stay away from broad sales messaging that won’t really resonate with the prospect or separate your company from your competitors. Instead, speak directly to the prospect’s unique needs and challenges. Explain how your product/service/solution will help them overcome these challenges. This will not only keep their interest, it will show them that you’ve done your research.

By following these tips, a sales representative will keep an inside sales call more focused. It’s a more efficient approach that improves inside sales call outcomes.