Inside Sales Call Guidelines to Follow

GuidelinesDuring an inside sales conversation, it’s helpful for a sales representative to have a set of guidelines to follow that will steer the conversation in the right direction. Different from a sales script, which includes what to say word for word, the guidelines allow the agent to speak freely and use their own words to convey their point, but ensure that the conversation stays on track.

Here are 3 important guidelines for sales representatives to follow when conducting inside sales calls:

Address specific challenges

It’s not uncommon for sales representatives to make the mistake of crafting a sales message that is too broad in an effort to try and be “everything to everyone.” This is impossible and results in a message that is less likely to resonate with the prospect. Prospects are much more receptive to messaging that speaks directly to their specific needs and challenges. Don’t waste time with filler dialogue. Cut right to the chase and explain how your product/service/solution will help the person with whom you are speaking.

Get to the point

One of the most important things to keep in mind when conducting inside sales calls is that your prospects are busy people. If they are receptive to a conversation, make it worth their while and respect their time by being direct. Eliminate lengthy introductions or company background information that the prospect can research or ask about at a later time, if they wish. Instead, focus on the prospect’s needs and ask questions that will determine whether or not they are a good fit for the product/service/solution offered.

Allow for authentic dialogue

One of the biggest complaints about call center scripts is that sales representatives end up sounding like pre-programmed robots, not actual humans that can engage in a productive two-way dialogue. When this happens, the prospect on the other line is more likely to check out of the conversation. A properly trained sales representative should be allowed the freedom to have a genuine conversation with the prospect.

Following these sales call guidelines will help keep sales representatives focused on moving the prospect through the sales funnel. They can be used to create a sales call guide that serves as an outline during conversations.