How to Build a Targeted Prospect List from a Sales Lead List

Prospect List fromSales lead lists are a great starting point during a calling campaign. However, one of the first goals during the inside sales process is to whittle down a broad list of possible leads into a smaller list of targeted prospects that are the best fit for the products and/or services offered. Here are a few tips for sales representatives to follow in order to turn a sales lead list into a targeted prospect list:

Cross reference the list

Upon receiving a new sales lead list, the first step is to cross reference it with other lists that are currently being worked or have been worked in the past. Taking this precaution will ensure that multiple sales reps aren’t calling the same companies or calling current customers or active prospects.

Segment the lead list

Based on previous experience and initial high-level research, a lead list should be segmented by characteristics such as industry, company size, and location. This is a way to initially narrow the list into segments of people/companies that are more likely to be a better fit.

Determine who the point of contact should be

Over time, the contact names and titles on a sales lead list will become obsolete due to personnel changes. When a contact name on the list is no longer at the company or no longer the applicable point of contact, the sales representative will need to do a little digging to determine who they should be speaking with. Sometimes the best initial point of contact is the receptionist at the main line number who can confirm who the decision maker would be and what their direct contact information is.

Don’t give up

It often takes multiple contact attempts to get someone on the line. One or two calls isn’t enough because they might have simply occurred at a bad time. Or, if the contact doesn’t have an active interest initially, it doesn’t mean that a follow up call in the future won’t be more successful. Company needs change over time and continuing to nurture the lead keeps the products/services top of mind.

Sales lead lists can come from a variety of sources and their quality can vary. It’s up to sales representatives to put in the work required that will turn the sales lead list into a targeted list of qualified prospects.