B2B Inside Sales is More Than Selling

SalesSelling is an important function of B2B inside sales, but the overall inside sales process encompasses so much more than that. After all, sales don’t happen magically. There is a lot of time and effort that goes into finding a sales-ready prospect and once the prospect becomes a customer or client, the work is far from over.

It’s true that inside sales are important, but many downplay its importance. The truth is that inside sales professionals play a vital role at any company. Here’s a look at how inside sales professions are important for all of the following functions:

Lead Qualification

Once leads are generated, the next step is to qualify those leads. Not every lead is going to be a good fit for the products/services offered. Or in other cases, the timing isn’t right and the lead isn’t ready to buy. This is why it’s so important to engage in pre-sales phone calls, in order to identify which leads are qualified prospects. During initial outreach, a representative will ask appropriate questions and score leads to determine which ones should be passed on to the sales team.


Once the initial conversation determines that a lead is qualified and it has been determined who the decision maker is, only then does the approach switch to selling. The inside sales professional will use all of the information gathered during pre-sales calls in order to craft a sales pitch that speaks to the prospect’s current individual needs. This personalized approach that outlines important benefits is more likely to resonate with the prospect, build trust, and ultimately result in a closed sale.

Customer Service

As marketing and sales professionals know, it’s far less expensive to keep current customers/clients and generate additional revenue from them than it is to generate entirely new business. Keeping customers/clients happy is always a top priority. Once the customer/client signs the contract or places an order, the inside sales professional shouldn’t disappear. It’s important to maintain a relationship and shift to a customer service role as needed when the customer/client has questions or needs to resolve an issue. This ongoing support can result in a long-term relationship and account growth over time.

While the sales function tends to get the most attention, there is so much more to the B2B inside sales process than selling. Lead qualification ensures that the sales team’s time is spent with the best prospects and customer service keeps customers/clients happy and can lead to new sales opportunities.