Soft Lead Generation -
Industrial Cleaning Equipment Manufacturer

Industrial Cleaning Equipment Manufacturer – Soft Leads – Case Study 2017-09-21T05:51:49+00:00

Target Audience
A variety of industry segments that use industrial cleaning equipment including Food & Beverage, Automotive, Hospitality, Education, Construction, and more

Decision Maker Titles

Maintenance Manager, Operations Manager, Plant Manager, or Sanitation Manager

Program Objectives

  • Generate awareness for a world-leading brand of industrial cleaning equipment
  • Identify hot opportunities where there is an existing project to replace or buy new equipment within 6 months
  • Gather account profile information for warm and cold opportunities where there are no imminent plans to replace or purchase new equipment


  • The client approached three targeted dealers of their equipment, in various regions throughout the United States
  • Industry segments to target were hand-selected by each dealer individually
  • Up to six outbound call attempts with a voicemail message if unable to connect on the last attempt
  • Dealer and manufacturer split campaign cost 50/50 with option to use co-op dollars
  • If a particular level of sales is met 6 months after the conclusion of the campaign, the dealer will receive their portion of the investment back from the manufacturer


  • 7% of the time Volkart May reached an appropriate contact, rep follow-up was requested by the prospect (either with an active project or no active project)
  • An additional 34% of pipeline opportunities were identified through requests for information or general account profiling captured
  • A full 37% of reached decision makers identified their cleaning as outsourced, providing a new market to potentially target
  • Market intelligence on timeframes for purchase, opportunity size, etc.
  • Full pipeline of qualified, near-term (within 6 months) sales opportunities for each dealer
  • Scored leads and the ability to better target marketing/sales efforts based on responses to profiling questions