Market Research & List Build -
Large Farm Equipment Corporation Selling Through Dealers

Large Farm Equipment Corporation Selling Through Dealers – Market Research & List Build – Case Study 2017-09-21T05:51:50+00:00

Target Audience

Purchase decision makers for capital equipment expenditures within large landscape and agricultural organizations

Decision Maker Titles

  • Purchase Manager
  • Procurement Manager
  • Fleet Manager

Program Objectives

  • Identify and capture contact information for the purchase decision maker(s) and influencer(s) within the organization
  • Obtain answers to survey questions including ways in which the company buys equipment, who they currently purchase from and what kinds of equipment they buy


  • Market research through outbound survey calls on behalf of the industry keeping the client anonymous
  • Up to 20 call attempts were made to maximize results from the very targeted list of companies
  • $25.00 Visa gift cards were offered as an incentive for completing the survey


  • 74% of the time Volkart May reached an appropriate contact, a survey was completed
  • When Volkart May reached a qualified contact to take the survey, on average, four decision maker or influencer names were captured
  • The ability to send relevant marketing materials to the correct decision maker at large target accounts
  • Better use of sales resources