Outsourced Calling is an Efficient Way to Reach Current Customers

PhoneAn outsourced calling partner can help an organization in many ways. Perhaps the most common reason to outsource outbound calling duties is for assistance in the sales lead generation and qualification process. An outsourced calling partner can collect pertinent top of the sales funnel information that can be passed on to the sales team to ensure that the sales staff is utilizing their time as efficiently as possible. However, sales lead generation and qualification aren’t the only reasons why an organization may need assistance with outbound calling. In some instances, a company may want to reach out to existing customers or clients. If a company doesn’t have the bandwidth to do so in-house, an outsourced calling partner can assist with this function as well.

Here are some instances in which a company should reach out to existing customers or clients in a timely manner:

Service Warranty Changes

It’s highly doubtful that a customer is going to remember when a service warranty will expire. Because they aren’t keeping track, they may try to utilize the warranty only to find out that it’s no longer valid. This will cause frustration and result in an unhappy customer. This situation can be avoided by reaching out to customers before the warranty expiration date to alert them of the upcoming status change. If certain products that a customer has will no longer be covered under service agreements, an agent can provide upgrade options.


No business wants to deal with product recalls. However, they do happen and a company with a product recall needs to take swift action and inform customers, while promptly fixing the issue. Because a company may not have the in-house staff necessary to reach a large customer base in a timely manner, an outsourced calling partner can be hired to communicate recall information quickly and efficiently and answer any questions that the customer may have. The agent can warm transfer questions or escalate concerns when necessary to the appropriate people.

Upsell/Cross-sell opportunities

In addition to generating brand new business, a company should aim to earn additional revenue from existing clients or customers. An outsourced calling partner can promote new products or services that complement or enhance the products or services that they are already using.

Outsourced calling is an efficient and cost-effective way to communicate information to current customers. An outsourced calling partner should essentially be viewed as an extension of the company’s marketing or customer service team. The right partner will represent a brand professionally and spend time learning all of the necessary information about the company. The customer will never even know that the work has been outsourced and will appreciate the prompt, personalized conversation that happens when any situation that requires outreach occurs.