Outbound Calling as a Sales Lab

Outbound Calling as a Sales Lab

The goal of an outbound calling campaign isn’t always to immediately close a sale. Outbound calling can serve many purposes such as setting up appointments, qualifying a lead, or updating information. An outbound calling campaign can also be used as a “sales lab.”

When speaking with someone over the phone, you can get a wealth of insights on a variety of subjects related to your company, product, service, marketing efforts, etc. These insights can then be used when developing new strategies:

Here are some things that calling a prospect or customer will enable you to do:

Test Out New Segments

While companies have a target audience in mind as they develop a product or service, that target audience is rarely set in stone. It can evolve as market demands change or the product or service itself changes to keep up with a shifting industry.

In some cases, a product or service may appeal to different target audiences for different reasons. If a company has a new target audience in mind, but isn’t sure what the response will be, executing a calling campaign and speaking to members of this new target audience will uncover whether or not it’s a good fit and what the right introductory approach might be.

Test Different Value Propositions

Just as a product or service can resonate with different target audiences, it can also provide value in different ways. The value proposition must be crafted in order to appeal to who you are speaking to. For example, the value proposition proposed to the marketing department will be different than the one proposed to the finance department. Calling and speaking to individuals in different departments and testing out your value proposition with these decision makers will allow you to finely tune your pitch going forward.

Ask Decision Makers for Opinions or Advice

Companies need to know what’s most important to decision makers when it comes to their product or service. This information helps them craft all marketing initiatives and helps them make decisions when it comes to product development or offering new services. In addition to speaking to decision makers it’s also important to speak to the influencers that are likely the ones actually using the product or service.

The information you can obtain is endless and it can be extremely valuable in developing new strategies. Outbound calling is about more than just building relationships, you’re also gathering valuable information that can help your companies thrive.