Improve Marketing Efforts with an Outbound Calling Campaign

Improve Marketing

In the B2B sector, the primary responsibility of the marketing department is to generate quality leads that can be passed on to the sales team. In most cases, it can take time for prospects to become leads and it requires multiple marketing touchpoints both online which includes business website, banner ads, social media profiles, and offline events, which includes print materials, TV/radio/print ads.

These marketing efforts can be expensive, especially in competitive niches, and it’s necessary to be as efficient as possible. An important way to get the most out of the investment is to execute an outbound calling campaign which can improve marketing efforts in the following ways:

Market Research

The best marketing campaigns are based on target audience research. Once marketers know exactly who target audience members are and what they want and need, they can craft a message that resonates and speaks directly to these wants and needs. An outbound calling campaign remains a relevant way to gather this market research data from prospects. Agents can ask questions and gather answers that are useful when creating marketing campaigns.

Database Clean Up

Database information can come from a variety of sources. Over time this information can become outdated which is why an outbound calling campaign should be executed to ensure that all contact information is accurate. This ensures that time and money spent on direct mail, email, and calling campaigns aren’t going to waste.

Inquiry Follow Up

Once a lead is generated from marketing efforts, it’s important to follow up in a timely manner. If seasoned sales professionals are busy with leads that are further through the sales funnel, closer to conversion, it’s advisable to outsource the work to ensure it’s being done. Timely, initial outreach tells the lead that their potential business is important, which can result in a lasting positive impression.

Qualify Marketing Efforts

Not every lead that comes in is going to be a good one. An outbound calling campaign can qualify leads, and in turn, qualify marketing efforts. The lead information gathered during an initial outbound calling campaign gives the marketing department detailed information about who the marketing campaigns are attracting and whether any changes should be made.

Outbound calling as part of a marketing strategy doesn’t only mean cold calling. There are plenty of ways that an outbound calling campaign can improve B2B marketing efforts. Contact usfor more information.