5 Goals of an Outbound Calling Campaign

GoalsThere are many ways to market and sell a company and its products and services today. The best marketing and sales campaigns are integrated and take advantage of many channels, both offline and online. One of the most important sales channels to utilize is the old standby, the live telephone conversation. Picking up the phone to place a call and connect with a live, human being on the other end of the line can establish that initial connection. While the long-term goal of any sales campaign is to generate business, it isn’t necessarily the short-term goal of an outbound calling campaign.

Here are 5 possible goals of an outbound calling campaign:

To conduct research

The best sales and marketing campaigns are based on research. In order to properly market and sell to a target audience, it’s necessary to understand exactly who they are and what their needs are. The best way to understand target audience needs, pain points, and buying behaviors is to engage in a conversation. The insights gained from initial research conversations can help craft marketing and sales messaging that is more likely to encourage target audience members to move through the funnel and ultimately convert.

To raise awareness

Not every target audience member is going to be aware of your company and the products/services offered. A phone call is a great first step towards brand awareness and entering the consideration set when target audience members are in the market for what you offer.

To update the sales database

The quality of a sales database directly correlates with the quality of sales outreach efforts. An outdated sales database can result in wasted marketing and sales dollars. Contact information of target audience members is constantly changing. An outbound calling campaign can be executed in order to gather and update decision maker information over the phone.

To generate leads

The advantage a phone conversation has over other outreach efforts is that the dialogue establishes a human connection that can go a long way towards generating leads. A phone conversation builds rapport and as the conversation flows, the messaging can be tailored towards specific needs.

To make a sale

As prospects move further through the sales funnel the goal of an outbound calling campaign shifts towards making a sale. At this point in the process the reigns are often passed to the most experienced inside sales professionals.

While it might seem outdated to some, an outbound calling campaign can accomplish a lot. An initial phone call can establish a connection that can eventually result in closing a sale.