B2B Calling Campaign Goals Should Guide the Conversation


There are many possible goals of a B2B outbound calling campaign which means that there are many types of conversations that can take place. The key to getting the desired outcome is to keep the call as focused as possible.

Trying to extract too much information or keeping the prospect on the line for longer than is needed can be a turnoff, meaning that the call essentially doesn’t accomplish anything. Instead, determine what the goal of the conversation is and the most important information to share and/or questions to ask in order to reach a positive outcome.

Sales professionals should guide the conversion in order to make the sales process as efficient as possible. Here’s how to do that for each of the following B2B calling campaign goals:

To Set Up an Appointment

Since an appointment requires sufficient time and dedication from the sales team, it’s important to determine whether the decision maker has an active need or is truly interested in learning more about your solution. Business Development Specialists can ask about upcoming projects and buying patterns to determine if and when an appointment should be set up. Appointment no-shows are frustrating and waste time, which is why phone appointments, face to face meetings, and web demonstrations should only be set up where there is a qualified opportunity.

To Qualify a Lead

Not every lead that calls or comes in from a web-based lead form is going to be a good fit for the products and/or services offered. Since you don’t want your sales team to chase leads that ultimately won’t go anywhere, it’s recommended to invest in a lead qualification calling campaign. A Business Development Specialist can ask questions that will determine whether the lead is valuable or not.

To Build a Sales Database

A sales database is one of the most important assets to any organization. Building up a quality database takes time, especially if the organization is targeting a new audience or entering a new market. When building a database, Business Development Specialists can establish an initial relationship and obtain necessary contact information including email addresses and phone numbers of decision makers.

B2B calling campaigns can have very different goals, depending on what the sales team needs at any given time. Determining what the goal is and what the approach should be increases the success rate of a calling campaign.