Set a B2B Calling Campaign Goal to Achieve a Desired Outcome

GoalIn order to be successful in sales, it’s necessary to take a strategic approach to B2B calling campaigns. There are many different B2B sales goals which means that they must each be accompanied by different types of calling campaigns. Before placing a call, the first step is to determine what the specific goal of the call is and then craft a focused calling approach in order to achieve the desired outcome. Trying to do too many things all at once (asking too many questions, keeping the prospect on the phone for too long, etc.) can be a turnoff and result in losing the opportunity altogether. Here are a few of the most common B2B calling campaign goals and how to guide the conversation towards the desired outcome:

Building a sales database

At the very top of the sales funnel is one of the most important steps in the entire B2B sales process: building up an accurate sales database that can be used in the future. Doing so can take time, especially when targeting a new audience or entering a new market. During initial outreach, a caller should keep the conversation short and focus on obtaining only the most relevant information such as email addresses and phone numbers of decision makers.

Lead qualification

In a perfect world, every lead is going to be a good fit for the products or services offered and turn into a sale. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. Some leads will turn into sales, others will have the potential to turn into sales, and there will always be a percentage of leads that will never convert. Because you don’t want your sales team spending valuable time chasing leads that won’t go anywhere, a lead qualification calling campaign should be in place. Business Development Specialists can contact leads and ask questions that will determine what should happen next; if the lead should be passed on to sales, if they require further nurturing, or if they don’t have any value at the present time.

Appointment setting

Since appointments require time and dedication from the sales team, it’s necessary to determine if and when an appointment should be set up with a lead. A Business Development Specialist can have a conversation that will determine whether there is an active need and if there is, set up a phone appointment, face to face meeting, or web demonstration with a sales rep.

Where a lead is in the sales funnel and what the sales team is in need of at any given time will help determine what a B2B calling campaign goal should be. Once a goal has been established, it’s easier to determine what the calling approach should be and craft messaging that will help to achieve whatever the desired outcome of the call may be.