Cold Requests-for-Quotes Follow Up and Requalification Campaign for Insurance Products 2015-07-31T00:42:01+00:00

Target Audience

Individuals who have requested a quote for insurance products

Decision Maker Titles

Insurance consumers

Program Objectives

  • Bandwidth to always circle back with leads that were quoted but not closed
  • Understand which leads are still in the buying cycle and if not, why
  • Prevent a leaky funnel


  • Up to 3 outbound call attempts
  • Qualify opportunity and generate interest in warm transferring to a licensed plan representative to answer questions, quote and close


  • Re-engaged in a live conversation with 51% of previously quoted leads
  • Of those reached, 17% were interested in speaking to a licensed plan representative and an additional 19% were still reviewing and considering their quote
  • Of those that weren’t interested in re-engaging at this time, we found out why (i.e. went with another carrier, didn’t receive a quote, etc.)
  • Those not reached were left a voicemail and a number to reach back out to if interested
  • Enabled a more efficient, cost-effective quoting process.